About Us
About Us
SPA NOVA is owned and operated by Dr. Ted Piliszek, MD and Alda Piliszek
with over 36 years of experience in skin care and preventative medicine.

Theodore Piliszek, MD, MRCS, LRCP, CNS is the founder and medical director
the Advanced Health and Wellness Center in Houston, Texas. He is also the
director of Anti-Aging and Clinical Nutrition Research for World Wellness
Research in Houston, Texas. His practice is dedicated to functional longevity and
clinical nutrition in the prevention and reversal of generalized vascular,
and degenerative disease.   

Alda Piliszek draws on her experience as former Managing Director for French
company Stendahl Cosmetics. She has operated and managed skin-care
businesses for over 35 years.         
Dr. Ted Piliszek
Medical Director

13661 Vermarion
Houston, Texas 77070